How People Who Change the World Think

Sven Gábor Jánszky, head and chief strategist of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank, takes you deeper into the stories surrounding the most interesting rulebreakers of our time. He takes you on a fascinating journey which he himself has experienced first-hand. Jánszky travelled throughout Germany for two years visiting the most important rulebreakers in the nation's business landscape. Initially, he observed and later discussed their lives and strategies with them. With astonishing candour, they openly discussed how they broke the rules; something which often led them to the discovery of new markets, took entire industries to the brink of collapse, helped them to earn millions and quite literally changed the world we live in...
... a ship maker who reinvents the cruise market!
... a financial manager who discovered the bank of the future!
... a real estate agent standing up to the entire branch!

As different as their stories and characters may be, they all share one secret to success: the art of unconventional thinking! Sven Gábor Jánszky has studied the methods and thought patterns of these mavericks. He has analysed how consciously breaking the rules led them to new innovations and how they overcame the seemingly insurmountable power of doubters and sceptics.

This keynote address is a manual for doing things better, to breaking boundaries and changing the world. Anyone can become a rulebreaker. After this speech, you will already be on your way. You will have begun to think like those very rulebreakers who were able to pull off the greatest conquering of markets seen in our business world.