Sven Gábor Jánszky, born in 1973, has always been a little quicker than the others. He finished school near the top of his class, his diploma thesis was given top marks. He grew up in Budapest and East Germany. As a young boy, he took part in the GDR's chess league and, in 1988, he was a member of the championship runner-up GDR League youth team. No wonder that East Germany's leadership selected him, at 15, for education at an elite school. He was meant to become a diplomat for the GDR regime. Thankfully, the peaceful revolution put an end to that!


He discovered his talent for "public speaking" on the improvised stages of student demonstrations following the fall of the Berlin Wall. His classmates were already predicting a successful career for him as a "voice of the people". Instead, he decided first to become a journalist for ARD, Germany's state-run radio network. At 23, he became the youngest news department head at the ARD. Five years later, having served as a primetime moderator, editor, correspondent and editor-in-chief, he had run through nearly all of the positions that a career in public radio could offer. He decided to break the rules. He quit this secure job with a tenured contract and a pension plan. He started over from square one. With one goal in mind: from that point on he intended to spend his time surrounded exclusively by the most intelligent and interesting people of his day. This led him to innovative minds across the globe and, ultimately, to his current calling. As chairman of Germany's largest futurology research institute, he is the most sought-after speaker in Europe for discussions concerning the future.

42 km

5.895 m


Today, he lives with his wife and three children in a small village situated at the edge of a forest. He enjoys both the undisturbed views across the fields as well as his direct proximity to the airport. If need be, he can be seated onboard a plane within 45 minutes. He's passionate about taking each of his clients, and himself, to the limits and beyond. He has already climbed Kilimanjaro three times and he recently ran his 19th marathon in New York. He loves the future and the change it brings because he knows that only change can push the world forward!

The future doesn't happen randomly.
The future is created!

By you! Or the others!