Artificial Intelligence
New Opportunities, New Business Models in the Coming "Prediction of Everything“ Era

In recent years, the topic of digitalisation has dominated the debates at our conferences and seminars. From social media to omnichannel, speakers have been outdoing themselves with predictions concerning the changes that digitalisation will bring to our businesses. But Sven Gábor Jánszky, researcher of the future, is already looking at 2030, at the time following the current wave of digitalisation. It is going to be the "Prediction of Everything" era.

What can our businesses expect from the year 2030? How will our processes function? How will our customers behave? What will be required of employees? And most importantly: Will artificial intelligence and computers replace us in the workplace?

Sven Gábor Jánszky provides answers to all of these questions. His predictions are based on a new understanding of the collection, analysis and interpretation of data. While the digital and omnichannel strategies of companies today rely on the evaluation of data in real-time, they will need to become even faster - yes, "faster than real-time". The predictive enterprises of the future will work using intelligent, predictive operating systems. They will make forecasts for the near future and use these to steer our business processes more effectively.

Discover where the "Prediction of Everything“ era will take us by 2030 and how disruptive technologies will permeate all corners of industry. How marketing needs to be rethought! How production will become predictive! Which new customer segments you will be able to reach and how structures and processes will look in predictive companies! However, the "big" philosophical questions will also play their part. Sven Gábor Jánszky takes a closer look at the effects and consequences of a data-driven economy: How will people become part of the operating system? Do computers make better bosses? Is the training of AI a societal problem? What will humans still decide for ourselves? How will we decide? 
Allow yourself to be transported to the future of artificial intelligence. Discover the opportunities - and the risks - in your future!