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How an Innovative Culture of Consistently Breaking Rules Leads to the Greatest Innovations

Sven Gábor Jánszky uses this keynote address to turn the public debate about society's moral decay on its head: Those who complain that the good old values are being lost share a common misconception which is dangerous for both your company and our society as a whole! There is no apocalyptic decline in the values of our youth. There is, however, a major shift in those values. One that managers and leaders must recognise and shape.

An ever more complex world, and the accompanying loss of control, means that many managers and leaders long for a return to the good old-fashioned values which, apparently, are just waiting to be rediscovered. Herein lies the danger! In his book, The Reassessment of Value, the future researcher and strategy consultant describes, together with elite managers from top German companies, how clinging to old values does, in fact, result in a short-term retention of power but leads, ultimately, to a loss of relevance. He describes how holding onto the old morals and standards simply forgets the most important aspect of shifts in value: that the names for our values remain the same but what we understand, their true meaning, changes rapidly. In order to uphold the "same" values, one must act differently today than was the case in the past.

The futurologist and researcher takes his audience on a philosophical journey through the values most important to German enterprises: security, proximity, trust, responsibility, sustainability. Step-by-step, he translates the standards most important to your company into something meaningful and modern which you can use well into the future. He is careful, however, to steer clear of an academic, ivory tower debate. His translation of these terms has a direct influence on strategic management in any company with value-oriented leadership.

Using vibrant, practical examples, Sven Gábor Jánszky presents his audience with the biggest questions facing leadership in the near future: What does proximity mean when it is no longer measured in meters? What is freedom if this no longer means owning a car? What is trust when consumers' faith in brand names is in increasing decline? What does "home" mean when patchwork has become the norm? … Our answers to these questions will define technological standards, business models and company structures for years to come. Those who do not understand the shifting values of our times will no longer be able to understand their own employees or customers.

Take back the power of defining your company's values! Translate, together with "Germany's most innovative futurologist", these terms and names into true values ready for the future.