Healthcare 2030 
How the Megatrend of Biohacking Will Lead to the Most Lucrative Business Model of the Near Future

What is, in these days of digitalisation and data-driven business models, the key feature of the most lucrative business of the future? It's that thing of most value to people everywhere. That object which still today cannot be completely evaluated in real-time, but which, in only a few years time, will begin to deliver real-time data thanks to technological advances: the human body!

Healthcare is the one area where people will benefit most from developing technologies. With these benefits, though, will come major changes to business models than in any other field; and even greater disruption to established operational methods. In this entertaining lecture, Sven Gábor Jánszky explains, using simple examples taken from everyday life, the effects of future technology on healthcare and related branches. He makes it clear that, and why, computers will be able to provide better diagnoses and therapies than doctors. He explains how real-time information will be drawn from one's own body and delivered to our phones and explains which needs this will trigger in normal, everyday people. He also predicts which effects these technologies will have on the business models of hospitals, doctors, pharmacies and drug manufacturers.

Futurologist Sven Gábor Jánszky explains, in a humorous and pointed way, why he believes that the food and healthcare industries will become one and why doctors and pharmacists will adapt, becoming lifelong coaches and trainers.

Coming opportunities are at the forefront of this vivid tour through the future of the healthcare industry: a longer, healthier life for customers, more productive and efficient processes in hospitals and a completely new market segment for innovative providers positioned at the meeting point between the food and healthcare industries.