Innovation Management of the Future
Which Methods Will Innovative Companies Use to Reach the Markets of the Future?

Which Methods Will Innovative Companies Use to Reach the Markets of the Future?
It doesn't matter which industry we look at. All of today's strategists and decision makers suffer from the same problem: New technologies are introduced to the world every month and, every second month, industry journals and experts demand new, updated strategies as a reaction to these developments and trends. Executives and managers feel overwhelmed. They are required to make ever faster decisions regarding things whose effects are still unforeseeable.
The boards of our companies are suffering from a new inability to forecast accurately. Sven Gábor Jánszky, the most sought-after futurologists in Europe, grinningly calls this: "MULTI-OPTIONAL DISORIENTATION"!
In this lecture, he explains how future-oriented executives will have to think and act in order to make consistent, intelligent decisions in these times of rapid change. He explains what separates innovative enterprises from those that are less so. Jánszky introduces you to the key players in their innovation management systems. He illustrates how their job postings seek knowledge management instead of product managers, how the future of their companies lies in the hands of intrapreneurs and that they dissolve the boundaries separating R&D, sales and marketing.
Finally, his most important message: Forget Brainstorming! It has been scientifically proven, since 1958, that brainstorming impedes motivation and the formation of new ideas. When developing your future products, use instead strategic methods founded in sound trend analysis and creative idea development and which ultimately lead to successful implementation.
Sven Gábor Jánszky introduces the special innovation methods of the 2b AHEAD ThinkTank and invites you to use them in your own innovation management processes.