Marketing 2030
Why Customers Will Trust their Phones More than People and How You Will Still be Able to Make the Sale!

In 2030, there will be approximately 150 billion networked devices. Many of us will have already bought one of the self-driving cars in mass production since 2021. These cars will pick up the kids from school and take them to their band or sports practice without the need for parents to serve as taxi drivers.

Why? How? Because, since 2022, we will have been carrying the world's most popular supercomputer WATSON in our pockets. It will cost the same and be the size of today's standard smartphones. Even today, they are better than any person at answering common, everyday questions. It is a better cancer diagnostician than any doctor. In short: In 2030, they will provide better answers to your questions than any human can. Both large questions and small. The smart questions and the dumb ones as well. In 2030, you will have already been using this super-intelligent "phone" for about eight years. You will speak with them as if they, themselves, are human. You, and your customers, will become used to having more faith in its answers than those from sales reps and consultants:
How, and in what areas, will these devices become so "intelligent"?
Which sellers will benefit from these changes? Who will lose?
Which customer segments will use technology exclusively and which will remain available to human salespeople?
Which strategies and skills will a salesperson of 2025 need in order to keep up with developments?
What about "Identity Management", which may become a hopeful solution for human sales in the future? What will this look like?

Sven Gábor Jánszky uses these questions and more to illustrate the future of marketing and sales. His answers describe the winners, and the losers, of changes to come. The winners will be those who have further developed themselves and their skill sets. Experts will have become coaches. Their revenues and salaries will rise.

This keynote is an explosively motivational speech. It doesn't rely on the usual gags and tricks but, rather, smart, strategic advice which any salesperson can apply to their own future. Sven Gábor Jánszky describes a time full of changes which will become great opportunities for those who are willing to adapt and develop themselves personally.